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Buy food packages and save!

Get fantastic savings when you purchase $12 food packages in advance for just $10 prior to the festival.
Each participating brand is offering an exclusive $12 food package, and you can secure it for just $10 before the festival. Don't miss out!
Participating brands include:

• Thoughtful Food
• Meals In Minutes
• The Berry Spot
• Forever by Shandi
• PÁAN Kitchen
• KosmodeHealth
• EurekaTaste

• Miss Chardog
• iFood Playground
• Hegg
• Oishii Daily
• Prataboy
• Kobashi
• Ants Innovate
Terms and conditions apply:

• Valid on 20 & 21 Jan 2024.
• Each voucher entitles you to 1x food redemption at the participating brands.
• Not valid in conjunction with other promotions or vouchers.
• Unused food packages are not refundable.
• Management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.
Plant-based chicken by Shandi Global
Bread by Masterchef SG contestant’s Paan Kitchen
Fluffy sourdonuts by Kobashi
Plant-based milk by Oatside
Plant-based eggs by Hegg
Plant-based hotdog by Miss Chardog
Acai Bowl by The Berry Spot


Alchemy Foodtech is dedicated to leveraging their expertise in food science to transform everyday carbohydrates into wholesome, nourishing alternatives without the need for drastic dietary changes.
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They are a technology-first company specialising in flavour, nutrition and advanced fermentation and Probiotification techniques, providing value creation to breweries and microbreweries worldwide access to, and collaborations with their beverage innovation capabilities as the creators of the world's first probiotic beer.
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The Moonbeam Co.

The Moonbeam Co. makes sustainable, nutritious granola with protein & fibre from spent grains, no refined sugar and no preservatives.
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Curated Culture

Curated Culture is a Singapore functional beverage company established in 2022, dedicated to providing clean label, healthy and tasty beverages for everyone to enjoy.
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Hare Fitness

Hare Fitness specialises in gym equipment customisation such as floor protection and weight plates.
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Fogo Fungi

Fogo Fungi revolutionizes the Asian mushroom farming landscape with cutting-edge technology, transforming agricultural waste into nutrient-rich feed that enables the cultivation of a diverse range of fresh mushrooms!
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Everiday Foods

Everiday Foods’ mission is to elevate the pantry by making day-to-day foods feel special. They believe the best moments of a day are often spent round the table, which is why they are cleaning up convenience to make mealtimes inclusive occasions that nourish the entire household. All their foods are free from gluten, dairy, inflammatory oils, and refined sugars.
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Mindful Drinks

Sustainably made, Mindful Drinks is the first-in-the-world to produce a line of beverages from 100% spent coffee grounds.
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Prefer Coffee

At Prefer, they make coffee without using coffee beans. Prefer Coffee makes bean-free coffee by fermenting upcycled food to reverse engineer the key aroma molecule that are found in coffee.
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Revive Snacks

A company on a mission to make the world a better place, one snack at a time. With a heart full of compassion and a taste for healthy treats, Clayton and Lynette founded REVIVE in 2020, creating delicious granola and natural nut butters that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
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Singrow is a developer of innovative agritechnology solutions for producing premium-quality fruits and vegetables. Leveraging their proprietary platform, they develop the freshest, best quality produce, such as non-GMO strawberry varieties in red and white aesthetics.
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The Berry Spot

The Berry Spot’s passion for health and sustainability drives them to source the highest-quality and sustainably harvested superfoods, starting with the purple star, the açaí berry.
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Thoughtful Food

Founded in Singapore, Thoughtful offers 100% natural plant-based dry mixes that converts to vegan ground meat using cold water reconstitution. Only clean, delicious, and wholesome ingredients that contribute towards positive health and wellness goals make the cut!
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Shandi Global

Shandi Global boasts Singapore’s largest plant-based chicken manufacturing facility which uses a 5-patent process to process non-GMO ingredients to develop a juicy, flavourful, textured plant-based chicken.
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Prataboy was founded by two third year students. Ryson from Engineering alongside his co-founder Enson from Business , through The Sandbox’s “Be Your Own Boss” competition. They both aim to provide affordable, quality, and unique dishes and drinks on Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus.
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PAAN Kitchen

Welcome to PÁAN, where every creation is made with a sprinkle of love, warmth like Nonna's, and a whole lot of heart.
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Oishii Daily

Started by a group of Business Students from Ngee Ann Poly through The Sandbox "Be Your Own Boss" competition. Oishii Daily brings affordable sushi roll and Japanese-inspired options to students. Our business is empowered by supportive NP students and the entrepreneurial department, The Sandbox.
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NouMi / Ants Innovate

NouMi means “no meat” for health-conscious meat lovers who want to enjoy delicious meat that’s free of animal hormones & preservatives. It’s so delicious & tastes like real meat, you wouldn’t even realise that NouMi has “no meat”.
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Miss Chardog

Miss Chardog started by two like-minded friends; Esther and Chris who shared a passion for cooking and baking. They strive to serve affordable American style food without compromising on the quality, hoping to leave smiles on every customer.
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Meals In Minutes

Meals In Minutes offers healthy ready-to-cook meals which are portioned, prepped and ready to eat in minutes. Regarding food quality as important as food safety, meals are flash-frozen and vacuum packed in BPA-free food grade bags to retain the freshness of ingredients.
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Hegg is a Singapore-headquartered startup that aims to be the global leader that makes plant-based eggs a local staple.
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KosmodeHealth, a Deep Tech Spin-off from the Food & Science Technology Department of the National University incubated at NUS Enterprise, is a health focused company that repurposes Food Processing Wastes into functional food.

They produced W0W®noodle from Barley Protein & Fibre powder, valorised from Spent Barley Grains and is the world’s only functional food clinically validated to have 0 Glycemic Response, making them a sustainable Asian staple food developed for blood sugar control.

Enjoy their hearty food and refreshing drinks at Eureka Taste, an affordably priced student cafe, operating within National University of Singapore (NUS), at 14 Medical Drive.
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As an artisanal food brand, Kobashi’s bakes are handcrafted in batches to ensure quality control throughout. Made with their very own signature Sourdough Starter, also known as Naturally Leavened Yeast, enjoy their Fresh Sourdough Bakes throughout the weekends!
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iFood Playground

iFood Playground creates a vibrant platform for culinary enthusiasts with a highly acclaimed veteran chef. Look forward to private dining experiences, cooking classes as well as online shopping for gourmet ingredients!
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CCook is an event-based business dedicated to infuse the vibrant flavors of Asian fusion cuisine into various occasions. Our mission is to deliver exceptional gourmet cafe-style offerings while prioritizing sustainability and supporting local communities.
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Meals In Minutes

Meals In Minutes offers healthy ready-to-cook meals which are portioned, prepped and ready to eat in minutes. Regarding food quality as important as food safety, meals are flash-frozen and vacuum packed in BPA-free food grade bags to retain the freshness of ingredients.
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